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What is the dispersion performance of water-based dispersant 5040?

The dispersion performance of water-based dispersant 5040 is very excellent. It can effectively disperse pigments, ensuring that there are no issues such as floating colors or spots in the paint. In addition, the 5040 dispersant also has the advantages of h3 versatility, low cost, and low dosage, without the need for additional dispersants during the grinding process.
What is the effect of water-based dispersant 5040 on dispersing pigments?
The water-based dispersant 5040 has excellent dispersion effect on pigments. It can significantly reduce the surface tension of pigments, improve the dispersibility of pigments, make pigments more evenly dispersed in coatings, and prevent the aggregation and precipitation of pigment particles. At the same time, the dispersant can also control the particle size of pigments, ensuring the uniform distribution of pigment particles in the coating, thereby improving the overall quality and performance of the coating.
In addition, coatings using 5040 dispersant also have the advantages of no floating color, color spots, etc., which can improve the water resistance, glossiness, and other properties of the coating. Overall, water-based dispersant 5040 is an efficient pigment dispersant that can significantly improve the quality and performance of coatings.

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